888Predictor Roulette Software V30

Get the right numbers to bet with our Roulette Software V30. (Software works ONLINE, no download needed)

Our roulette software detects the algorithm within the RNG roulette games and predicts the next numbers that will hit in a few spins. It works mainly at European and American RNG roulette tables. Our Roulette Software is also available now for Live Roulette and will work on any device, including smartphones and tablets. Read more about our latest RAC software

Available versions

V10 number predictor (Predicts 1 number) V30 number predictor (Predicts 3 numbers)

How does it work

1. Enter the last 3 numbers into the roulette software number fields from left to the right. The last number will go to the number field on the right side (for example # 28 was the last number. See the photo above). 2. Now press the validation button and the roulette software V30 will calculate the algorithm and give you the 3 numbers that will most likely hit in the next few spins.


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